Tactical training in virtual reality

We provide immersive and tactical training through a state of the art VR-system for complex, dynamic and dangerous environments.


XR Tactics has developed a software platform which is integrated with VR-hardware such as VR-helmets, controllers, weapon props, haptic suits and more. As a customer, you buy scenarios to this…Fortsätt läsaProducts

Why VR-training?

Virtual reality supplement ordinary training and education. Here are some of the benefits of including VR in the regular training programs: No restriction in geographically simulated areas Cost efficient compared…Fortsätt läsaWhy VR-training?

About Us

XR Tactics AB was founded 2019 by four business veterans with local presence in both Sweden and Norway. We specializing in virtual training for emergency services in tactical situations. We…Fortsätt läsaAbout Us

Tactical training in virtual reality

Multiple operators, custom built scenarios, physical weapon props, full body haptic feedback, recorded de-briefings and more. We got it all, and want to give you the best tactical training modern technology can provide.

Let’s have a chat about which tactical scenarios would suit your training: hello@xrtactics.com

We build experiences, insights and skillsets

Tactical training in realistic and dynamic scenarios can be costly to set-up and manage. Military- and security personnel, police officers and other first responders are professionals in need of repeatedly practice of high risk operations, rescue work and threatening situations around civilians.

Be prepared

Which ever scenario you are training, it’s always about taking the right decision in the moment. In VR-scenarios you can prepare yourself for any situation, again and again. Be prepared, it saves lifes.