About Us

XR Tactics AB was founded 2019 by four business veterans with local presence in both Sweden and Norway. We specializing in virtual training for emergency services in tactical situations.

We are offering immersive training in our custom developed VR-scenarios of dangerous and complex environments. Wireless, free-roaming multiplayer in warehouse-scale with immersive haptic feedback. By combining our software with high-end hardware equipment from our partners, we are creating something unique.

Companies and organizations will use our systems to practice tactic, communication, prioritization, reactions and situational awareness in dangerous environments.

The core team

Johan Svahn – CEO

Johan has a background as a developer and technical project manager and has many years of experience as a business leader and entreprenuer. He excels in the role as a bridge between technology and business.

Andreas Wahlman – CTO

Andreas has a background as a 3D- and motion capture university lector. Over 17 years of experience in real-time 3D development regarding games, visualization and media industries. He has worked with VR since 2008.

Steven Bachelder – Head of Research and Education

Steven has been a professor for 20 years and co-founded the game education at Uppsala University. His research focus is in digital games and user engagement and participation models for digital systems and training.

Henrik Lindholm – Business Developer

Henrik has a background in swedish armed forces and within the banking industry. In the banking industry he has worked with business developing, training and education of advisors aswell as being a specialist in wealth advise.