XR Tactics has developed a software platform which is integrated with VR-hardware such as VR-helmets, controllers, weapon props, haptic suits and more. As a customer, you buy scenarios to this platform.

New standard scenarios is constantly being developed, which can be bought and works out of the box. But the real strength of our expandable platform is to easily add custom scenarios tailored for your needs.

Contact us about your need to see if there is a standard scenario which fits, otherwise we’ll create one!

Platform features

  • Multiplayer, local or global co-op training
  • Face dynamic AI characters in scenarios
  • Voice commands for AI characters to react upon
  • Briefing area in VR-environment before scenario start
  • Live stream spectating of scenario training
  • Recording of scenario training for de-briefing
  • All VR-equipment is wireless and allows free-roaming over large area
  • Integrated weapon props with recoil
  • Integrated haptic feedback full body suit, feel bullet impacts and sustained injuries!
  • Tracking of pulse and stress levels of each individual