Why VR-training?

Virtual reality supplement ordinary training and education. Here are some of the benefits of including VR in the regular training programs:

  • No restriction in geographically simulated areas
  • Cost efficient compared to traditional group-training
  • Hands-on training is the most efficient learning method
  • Digital creation of any dangerous or complex environment
  • The system can record all simulation results ensuring that the experience is not just realistic, but measurable
  • Exercises can be customized and begin with new conditions in the same session
  • Perform cheaper and more regular exercises compared to traditional physical exercises
  • Enables advanced group-training in complex and rare situations without any risk of injuries
  • Practice communication during stressful situations, with dynamic events, and without exter­nal influences or disturbances

VR-training is an active method of training which gives the best learning results according to research.